Advancing Social Capital

Participation of society empowers nations.
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Putting Society First

While investment, enterprise and innovation can propel us forward, there is room for smart policy and infrastructure that puts society first. This calls for a four-tier approach, starting with providing social protection, to effecting social impact, to enabling social opportunity, to leveraging social capital.

Growing social capital is complex, but is crucial for building great nations and for humanity’s interaction with the natural world.

The linkages, behaviours and relationships of social capital puts economic growth on a robust and rational footing. Wealth as a measure of humanity’s so-called progress, is counterbalanced with preservation of common physiological and physical resources.

It’s a balancing act of sustaining environmental vigour of this planet and equitable economic rewards for its inhabitants with progressive societies, enabled by participation and empowerment.

If you are interested in building empowered societies, I’d be happy to share ideas with you.

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About Eddie Razak

Since leaving the world of corporate finance, I have been an advocate of social empowerment through public policy transformation.

I believe that the measure of a nation’s prosperity and success, rests in the network of its society. In my work, I challenge entrenched beliefs and present the notion of social capital as the core driver of economic prosperity. I am optimistic about governments bringing about transformational change.

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